Gingerline Presents The Institute Of Flavourology Only the Brave will Dine

Gingerline Presents The Institute Of Flavourology

The Story

Here at The Institute of Flavourology our time is dedicated to creating taste-centric dining experiences for intrepid clients. Using flavourological dining concepts & interactive menus, intertwined with theatrical performances, we will give your guests a memorable food experience like no other.

Curious? Oh do read on! 

The Institute itself was founded in 1901 by Sir Lionel Stirling Grey to advance the study of Flavourology. A strict discipline of flavour experimentation and dogmatic addiction to research the newest and most delicious dining experiences.

Suz Mountfort

Co-founder of Gingerline

Lucinda Barber

Private events manager

Davy Berryman

Logistical magician

Hannah Jackson

Beverage engineer

Alejandro Rodriguez

Head flavourologist

Dining Concepts

Using our flavourological creativity (and a little tom-foolery) our dedicated culinary researchers can design a truly gastronomic adventure for any occasion. Remember this is not your bog standard catering service; it is a food experience strictly for the dining different.

Intrigued? Well then, feed your event details into the machine below and we'll create a unique dining proposal just for your event. 

Psst..... our innovative culinary creations are a closely guarded secret, but will be shared with the client prior to confirming the event.

Laboratory Flasks

Bespoke Events

Here at The Institute, we are experts in the design and execution of bespoke experiences for intrepid clients. Using the Gingerline alchemy of secrecy, creativity and just a little tom-foolery we can create a truly gastronomic adventure for your event. 

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